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After the interview, we carefully evaluate every candidate. We understand that making the right career move is important to you as well, and we hope that through the interview process, you have had the opportunity to get to know us more and feel like Jabian is the perfect fit for you.

a few things to keep in mind:

You will hear from your recruiter after each step of the interview process.
Compensation varies based on years of experience and position. You can ask for your desired compensation in our application and the goal of the recruiter is to manage expectations throughout the interview process as it becomes more clear at what level you would succeed in Jabian’s model. We also have a great benefits package, check out our benefits here.
Jabian consultants do have the opportunity to work from home, however there will be times when you will be needed at client locations or in-office as well. Most internal roles can work remotely. Your recruiter can go over more details based on your role.
We utilize the virtual bench to balance the supply of talent and the demand for skills based on client work. This allows us to prevent over hiring, which leads to lay-offs. We are fortunate that as a firm we have not had any layoffs in the history of the firm. Therefore, we recruit for the long term in mind which allows us to have incremental and sustainable growth.

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