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Are you looking to contribute in a solutions-focused environment? Great! We always looking to add more exceptional people to the Jabian team.


Jabian’s flexible and unique approach.
If you love the work of consulting and your interests and skills are aligned strongly to client delivery, Jabian offers a unique Flex Work opportunity.

Our Flex employees focus on delivery, working directly alongside clients in a team-based environment as you solve their most challenging problems. Our Flex roles also allow for hybrid or remote working, allowing you to work with any of our clients no matter where they’re located. 

Here are some of the features of our Flex Workforce:


Work directly alongside clients in a team-based environment as you solve their most challenging problems.

Flexible Working Models
Work in a hybrid or remote model depending on where you’re based.
Access To Methodologies And Insights
Take full advantage of Jabian’s ever-growing library of methodologies.
Compensation That Works
Receive variable compensation upside based on client project work plus a foundational base salary.
Robust Training
Take part in our internal training programs and take advantage of opportunities for external training.
Delivery Focused
Focus exclusively on client delivery with the option to work on thought leadership and offering development as desired.
Firmwide Demand
Work with any of our clients, wherever they are located, maximizing your client-delivery opportunities.
Dedicated Mentorship
Take part in our dedicated mentorship program to grow your career at Jabian and beyond.
Access benefits you need to support you and your family.
Paid Time Off
Take up to 20 days of PTO in addition to paid holidays.

Your expertise is needed!

Jabian continues to find ways to provide world-class career opportunities for our employees. Whether you are a traditional consulting employee, prefer Flex Workforce, or have any other role within the firm, we are always One Jabian.

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